Ultimate ThermoCryoLipolysis Treatment

New, revolutionary method of drastically reducing fat!

Ultimate Lipolysis Treatment ensures painless fat reduction in specific parts of the body with immediate and long-lasting results through a three-effect: cooling-heating alternation using controlled electricity.


It reduces fat cells by 30%, offering 100% self-confidence!

When exercise and diet are not enough to deal with accumulated fat, the solution is:

Ultimate Lipolysis Treatment. It reduces the number of fat cells by 30%, tightens the skin, helps eliminate cellulite.


We focus on technology!

Personalized Ultimate Lipolysis Treatment services are carried out in the state-of-the-art ThermoCryo Lipolysis machine exclusively by certified operators.



One session is enough!

Get one Ultimate Lipolysis Treatment today and notice visible results from the first month, while the final result will be visible over the next 60 days.