Jetsetter Lift Treatment

Change level in anti-aging!

If you are looking for one of the leading methods to treat aging and to noticeably improve your skin, you should choose Jetsetter Lift Treatment. Thanks to the cutting-edge Plasma technology the results are unique, since it activates the natural skin rejuvenation mechanisms. And most importantly? It is a non-invasive method!


Cutting edge technology for spectacular results!

The application of Plasma technology on face and body stimulates and promotes skin tightening, boosts collagen production, offering spectacular results in reducing wrinkles, freckles, signs of aging, acne scars and stretch marks. It helps in restoring skin elasticity, reducing discoloration and facial contour restoration.


Guaranteed by TÜV HELLAS!

This safe and painless treatment is applied with the Jett Plasma Lift device by a TÜV HELLAS certified operator from Cryosauna Hellas.


The more frequently, the more effective!

Results are visible from the first session. The ideal frequency for Jetsetter Lift Treatment is 1-2 times per week for the first month and then once a month.