A leading method with immediate results, thanks to body exposure to cold but always dry air for a short period of time (max 3 minutes).

Because it combines the important results: wellness, fast recovery from injuries, activating the body’s natural defenses, beauty, weight loss. In addition, it offers anti-aging results.

During the brief session, the temperature of the skin falls and the body’s natural defense mechanisms are activated. At the same time, endorphins – also known as hormones of happiness – are produced, while oxygen in the blood also increases with unique beneficial effects.

Throughout the session, there is always a trained and certified by TÜV HELLAS & Cryosauna Hellas operator, who oversees the whole process. Furthermore, sessions are performed using top-of-the-line CE-marked equipment, fulfilling all safety conditions.

Body exposure to cold has been used as a treatment method for the last three decades in Europe and the rest of the world. The beneficial effects of cold have been known since antiquity.

It is clinically proven that body exposure at a very low temperature activates the body’s natural defense processes and improves the physical state of the body, increasing significantly the level of well-being.

Clients can do one session every two days.

Exposure to cold contributes in boosting metabolism, helping to consume more calories and hence lose weight.

Both ways are safe. Cryotherapy, when applied before physical exercise, enhances energy and endurance, helping to restore and revitalize the muscles. After a session, light exercise is recommended to help stabilize body temperature and enhance vasodilatation.

Cryotherapy is applied to people above the age of 18. For people between the age of 15 and 18 parental consent and presence is required and this concerns only young athletes.

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