Cryosauna Premium Treatment


3 minutes that will change your life!

Cryosauna at °CRYO PROJECT Wellness Center is one of the safest, advanced and innovative methods of rejuvenation and treatment in the world. Short body exposure – up to 3 minutes – to gasified nitrogen activates the body’s natural defense mechanisms and improves the physical condition of the body.


All 6 benefits are amazing!

Cryosauna Premium Treatment helps at: improving wellbeing, improving blood circulation, increasing metabolism, losing weight, improving physical performance, relieving pain.

A sharp increase in metabolism results in a fast calorie burning of 400-800, helping in losing weight.


The champions’ choice!

Whole-body cryotherapy is applied to professional athletes because it helps relieving muscle pain and results in faster recovery from injuries.


The more frequently, the more effective!

Results are visible from the first session. The ideal frequency is 3 sessions per week.

Combine Cryosauna Premium Treatment with Body Excellent Treatment for optimal results.