Behind °CRYO PROJECT there is a very strong team, with experience and profound knowledge of the market, planning the strategy for profitable results of the franchisees. If you are excited about the °CRYO PROJECT, then you have taken the first step to become a member of the team and secure exclusive benefits of success:

Create spaces of high aesthetic quality, continuous certified training, access to cutting edge technology, advanced & reliable products and services, competitive marketing policy, marketing communication and constantly renewing marketing tools, personal investment advisor.

°CRYO PROJECT. It is not just a business project, it’s your future!

Design with personality


Recognized architects and decorators compose the team that will form your own °CRYO PROJECT. They will take into consideration even the smallest detail in order to create indoor and outdoor spaces that will meet the high design standards of °CRYO PROJECT.

Up to date Equipment & Installations


Our engineers and technicians will supply your business with the most modern machines in the market. A specialized team will install the equipment, ensuring the effectiveness of services and prestige of °CRYO PROJECT.

Training academy


Everything starts with education! We are constantly investing in the certification of the machine operators by TÜV HELLAS, in training our staff, executives and partners, in order to ensure that we get the best results, more satisfied customers and thus greater profitability.

Total Marketing Support


We are here to ensure the success of °CRYO PROJECT with integrated communication tools: advertising, branding, social media, PR, promotion, direct marketing, digital campaigns. Communication tools are constantly being updated so that we will always be one step ahead.


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